Getting the Best Use Out of a Storage Unit

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It is easy to get caught up in buying beautiful things for a home. Over time, families can end up with more stuff than they have room for. Those that live in a tight space and also like to keep things organized and tidy, Storage Units in Bronx is a solution that is both affordable and convenient. Once the decision is made to rent a unit, here are some tips on getting the best use out of the space.

Label Boxes

Take the time to label and number each box. This will pay off when the time comes to go retrieve sporting gear or other seasonal items. Make sure that all boxes or containers get stacked with the labels facing outward in clear view. Plan to keep a master list of each box number along with its contents. This will make for efficient use of time when going to the unit to find items.


Utilize the Vertical Space

In order to get the most out of the storage unit, take advantage of the vertical space too. Stack boxes as high as practical, or put in a couple of shelving units to hold some belongings. It is important to invest in boxes that are made for moving and storage. They are well made and will not collapse under the weight of other items.

Careful Packing and Stacking

When it comes time to store fragile items, take the time to wrap them carefully in bubble wrap or newspaper. This will go a long way in protecting breakables. Avoid placing items directly on the ground, instead consider putting some wooden pallets down first. That way in the unlikely event of flooding, the items will have a better chance of remaining unharmed. Make sure that when stacking boxes vertically, the heaviest boxes are on the bottom and then the lighter on top. This will keep things from getting crushed.

For those that are running out of room, or simply want to get rid of some clutter, Storage Units in Brooklyn are a great option. Storage Post has multiple locations that are clean and safe. They offer a variety of sizes as well as climate controlled units to accommodate specific needs.